Module 1 – Introduction to HACCP

Why Use HACCP?

  • It reduces reliance on finished product testing and inspections.
  • It reduces production costs & business risk, including the chances of a recall.
  • It reduces the risk of food borne disease, increases confidence in the food supply & improves public health.
  • It is used as an international marketing tool and facilitates global trade.

What HACCP Does NOT Do

  • It will not ensure good quality products are produced or ensure products will meet all legal & regulatory requirements (e.g., percent of fruit in a jam).
  • It can not ensure Employee Health & Safety regulations are met.
  • It does not control non-food safety issues (e.g., degree of browning).

Effective HACCP

A properly developed HACCP system will ensure you “say what you do” and “do what you say”.

  • How?
    • Say it: by developing written procedures.
    • Do it: by following procedures during processing and production.
    • Prove it: by documenting that all written procedures were followed.
  • HACCP is effective when personnel are effectively trained to: “say what they do” and “do what they say”.
  • HACCP is proven to be effective when personnel monitor and verify procedures.
  • To be effective, a HACCP program must continuously be reviewed and improved to ensure what you say and do is accurate.

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